The Shea family business traces its roots back to a small Portland-based plumbing company that opened in 1881. From those humble beginnings, it evolved into a family of companies that includes one of the largest civil construction contractors, a well respected residential homebuilder, a commercial property and apartment development company, a venture capital division, and much more. Bolstered by core values of honesty and integrity, respect for the individual, teamwork, and competitive spirit, it remains one of only a handful of fifth generation, family-owned and operated businesses in the country.

The Shea's legacy of milestone achievements includes the building of the foundations for the Golden Gate and Oakland Bay bridges, the digging of the diversion channels for the Hoover Dam, construction of more than 4,000 Liberty Ships during WWII, and work on the Interstate Highway System and the California Aqueduct. More recently, work was completed in 2015 on two, seven mile tubes under Manhattan extending New York City's Metro Line No. 7. In 2016, finishing touches were placed on one of the largest desalination plants in the country located in Carlsbad, California. Currently, they can be found digging under the streets of Los Angeles as they work to extend the Purple and the Crenshaw to LAX Metro lines. Discover more about the Shea family of companies.